Manifesto of Yulia Orinel.

The most valuable currency in the world is freedom.

About Me

I live in a world where technology and artificial intelligence rapidly change our reality, leaving little room for magic and fantasy. However, it is in myths and fairy tales that we can rediscover the magical, the divine, and the spiritual.

My Art

I, Yulia Orinel, was born into a creative family where art, poetry, and music formed the foundation of my upbringing. My journey to art has been long and diverse: from working at a modelling agency in Paris to studying ancient traditions in India and China, from a philology degree to mastering Raja Yoga and Kung Fu. My artistic career began with photography in Florence and evolved into creating spiritual paintings on the French Riviera.

My Principles

1. Freedom of Expression: Each painting is a path to freedom and the realisation of one’s power. We create our own reality and have the right to live life happily and meaningfully.
2. Inspiration and Healing: My works inspire and heal. I aim to awaken in people a belief in the magical and the divine, restoring their sense of wonder.
3. Integration of Traditions and Modernity: I combine ancient traditions with contemporary knowledge, creating unique pieces that reflect the richness of cultures and philosophies.
4. Magical Realism and Symbolism: My style is magical realism, where symbols and spirituality intertwine, creating alternative worlds and allowing viewers to see beyond the ordinary.

My Goals

I strive to bring magic back to our modern world, awakening in people the ability to fantasise and experience deep spiritual encounters. I aim to show that art can be a powerful tool for transformation, leading to spiritual and emotional rejuvenation.